Continuing education in the information profession: a relexive method

Continuing education information process reflexive method

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Autoras: Sueli Angélica do Amaral e Tania Mara Botelho

Fonte: Continuing Professional Education and IFLA: Past, Present, and a Vision for the Future. IFLA Publications 66/67

Resumo: This article discusses the issues of reflexive education and its philosophical basis and annroaches. IH places thg main aspects of a philosophical fundamental approach to continuing education in the graduate and post-graduate program in library and information science, stressing the necd for self-knowicdge as a strategic resource in management and leadership levels. The results obtaincd with
the IBIS teaching and Icamning method developed at the University of Brasilia in Brazil, using the case study methodology used, demonstrate the effectiveness of this teaching and learning method.

IFLA – Internationa Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
IFLALAC – Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Division / División Regional de América Latina y Caribe

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